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Bachelor of Business Studies

Course Description

Bachelor of Business studies is the four-year undergraduate program offered by Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management. It is an annual exam-based program. The course was designed by considering the fact that the management graduates will have to live in a very challenging and competitive business environment. The program will have specialization in General Management, Marketing Management, Finance, Accountancy, and Management Science.


Course Learning Outcomes

  • Possess conceptual knowledge and nurture adaptive business and generic skills to meet the needs of a fast-paced global market.
  • Acquire essential knowledge and skill in relation to business, industry, and governance so as to promote professionalism.
  • Develop required attitudes, abilities, and practical skills vital for becoming competent and responsible business managers.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in order to produce effective agents of change in the Nepalese society and generate employment.


Course Objective

The specific objectives of the BBS program are as follows:

  • Endow students the conjectural knowledge of business and administration to develop broad management perspectives in students.
  • Develop students into competent and responsible managers by providing them with the required skills, abilities, and necessary attitudes.
  • Make students the catalyst of change in Nepalese society by motivating them to explore their entrepreneurial capabilities.
  • Create a necessary and passionate environment for higher studies so that students involve themselves in teaching, research, consultancy, etc.


Admission Eligibility and Criteria

Students willing to apply for the BBS program must have successfully completed a 10+2 level with Mathematics or Economics as a full paper or an equivalent course from any Board or University recognized by T.U


Scope and Career Prospects

When it comes to job and career, the BBS program has as many possibilities and scope as compared to other programs and subjects in management. From Banking and Insurance; Manufacturing and Service Industries; Entrepreneurship; Government, 1/NG0s; Stock Market; Sales and Marketing; Accounting; Human Resource are some of the major areas for the career development for BBS graduates. The corporate houses, BFIs, factories, or any other organization, BBS graduates are equally in demand in the ever-competitive job market.