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Bachelor of Computer Application

Course Description

Tribhuwan University Affiliate Program. This program has been proposed under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University from the new academic year of 2071/72 BS. However, TU has not provided affiliation to any of its constituent or private colleges till late December 2016. TU has launched the program from the academic year 2074/2075. In the first phase, TU has given permission to run BCA at its 6 constituent campuses.

It is a 4 years (8 semesters) degree. This 4-year program in Computer Application has been started with an objective to produce qualified computer software developers having a wide range of knowledge in the technical field. Students learn to solve computer-based problems of different types of business and industries.

Course learning Outcomes

  • Analyze, design, and develop software or computer system and design secure networks and monitor them to handle data and information worldwide
  • Design and develop web, desktop, or mobile-based systems, build a website and create a software application to satisfy customer need.
  • Gain specialization in configuration and integration, development and testing of systems and networks to meet the needs of the industrial
  • Resolve system-related issues and troubleshoot communication and networking problems to ensure smooth operation
  • Acquire skills and expertise in intelligent information retrieval systems to benefit decision-making bodies in an organization.


Course Objective

  • To produce professionals in the field of computer applications as programmers and software developers.
  • To provide knowledge about various tools and techniques used in software development.
  • To provide students with both practical and theoretical aspects of studies related to computer applications.
  • To enhance the skill of students to create solutions to technical problems that arise in industrial, commercial as well as in government companies.
  • To provide students a fine base to continue their studies further in MIT, MBA, MCA, etc.


Admission Requirement/ Eligibility

Students from all the faculty are eligible to get admission to the BCA program. PCL or +2 or equivalent in any discipline passed with minimum 40% marks or ‘C’ grade or 2 CGPA or C grade in all subjects of 11 and 12 are eligible for admission.


Admission Criteria

Getting through the University Entrance Exam is necessary for admission to BCA. Successful students in the University Entrance Exam should fill in the College Admission Form. Students who have filled in the University Entrance Exam forms in any other college are also eligible to apply here.


Scope and Career Prospects

The computer has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. Most of the work today is done with the help of a computer. With the demand for computers, comes the demand for computer operators. Though most of us are aware and skilled to use the basic application in a computer, there is always a need for a professional with qualifications to get work done quickly and efficiently.

Software developer and different IT professional develops different types of applications and computer games. This is one of the popular posts that has a great demand on the market and is highly paid as well. Some popular IT companies in Nepal which are hiring computer apps professionals are given below:

  • Nepasoft Solutions
  • E-Prabidhi
  • Info Developers
  • Verisk
  • Deerwalk
  • Mercantile Communications
  • Worldlink Communications
  • Fusemachines
  • ebPearls, and many more.


BCA graduates can apply for the post of system analyst, system manager, project manager, database administrators, software developer, chief information officer, computer support Service Specialist, Computer Scientist, information systems manager, system designer, and programmers. Information industries and manufacturing industries are always seeking BCA graduates.